Woodward Cave Campground
Nightly and Seasonal Camping
Now with Internet Service

Come see for yourself.  Clean, peaceful, well groomed, and relaxing. An out-of-the-way treasure.

Call 814-349-9800 for Reservations and leave a message.
A beautifully groomed 13 acre campsite area, nestled within the Appalachian Ridge and Valley area, faces the Cave entrance.  The entire area is level, with electric and non-electric sites, both seasonal and nightly.  All sites are on grassy turf and are ideally suited for tents as well as RV's.
Our Facilities Include:
Gift Shop
Cabin Rentals
Private Hot Shower
Club Rates
Dumping Station
Honey Wagon Service
Reservations and deposits  required.   No refunds if cancellation within two weeks.
Camping Rates
Overnight Tent Overnight RV Camper Club rates Seasonal
$23 non-electric
$25 electric
$33 per night w/ electric
Up to 2 adults and 2 children
$3 per night A/C surcharge
$2 per night additional people
5 or More Units

$30 per night w/ electric
$3 per night A/C surcharge
Complimentary Camp Fire (one night)
$800 April to October
(Monthly minimum will apply.)
Electric is mtered.
$100 Winter Storage
$15 Dumping Fee

 Internet Available

PHONE:  814-349-9800

For reservations and other information