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Experience Spectacular Woodward Cave

Known as "The Big One"

Open Since 1926

Tower of Babel
One of the largest caverns in Pennsylvania, its nickname reflects its five spacious rooms, one of which, "The Hall of Statues" is 200 feet long.  Experienced guides conduct a well explained, easily walked tour, offering 50 minutes of nature at its best.

The rooms you will visit in Woodward Cave include the Ballroom, actually used for square dances and banquets.  In the Square Room, you will be shown delicate rare Helictites, cave coral, and more.  The Hanging Forest features the largest collection of stalactites found in the cave, along with ribbon formations and flow stone.  Next, in the Hall of Statues, you will be amazed at one of the largest stalagmites in the region, the Tower of Babel, 14 feet high.  The Upper Room completes the tour with a spectacular cathedral ceiling rising 60 feet from the floor below.

A jacket and proper footwear is recommended.
The temperature remains a cool 48 degrees year round.  


In addition to dances, many unusual events have taken place in the ballroom.  

In June 1989, the fifth annual banquet of the Society for Creative Anachronism was held in the ballroom; approximately 120 seated guests attended.  In 1976, a mature couple, after having seen the cave the previous year, decided they must get married in the cave.  Much to their delight, a wedding was hastily arranged and performed in the ballroom.

In 1987, during the mid-Summer Rider Motorcycle Touring Club show, 30 motorcycles were driven into the ballroom for the purpose of publicity pictures.

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